Bentellect Face Mask

Bentellect Face Mask


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Every time you go in a store, remember to grab your exclusive Bentellect Face Mask! 


Choose from the breathable single layer mask, the CDC approved Double layer mask with filter pocket or the convenient ear saver that attached to your mask at the ear loops to relieve pressure on your ears if you have to wear a mask for a long period of time. 


 Each pleated mask is made of 100% cotton and is embroidered with "BENTELLECT." Each fabric mask comes with a fitted wire insert for comfort and tight fit at the nose. They are pleated for added comfort and full facial coverage. I


f you order 1 or 2 they will ship with an envelope and stamp, so although it is first class mail, there won’t be tracking. Please allow 3-10 business days for arrival as the post office has fewer employees and more shipments to handle.


These are handmade, so slight variation/differentiation from the imagery may occur. Please feel free to message with special requests.