Build Your Own Potion School Trunk

Build Your Own Potion School Trunk


Time to build you own school trunk with a wide selection of potions and accessories to choose from!


Due to the limitations on how we can do variations, it is a bit difficult to describe how to order, so bear with me and please don't hesitate to ask questions: 


There are three box size options and a multitude of items you get to choose:

Small Size - includes Box + 4 items
Medium Size - includes Box + 5 items
Large Size - includes Box + 6 items


Please note, the one exception to receiving a box, is if you want a wand, you can substitute a wand for the box, regardless of the size you choose. If you decide to do this, please note which character or team want you want in the notes. 


Select the size you want at checkout, and then note which items you would like in the notes. Please note, if we don't have something listed, we may still have it available, so please feel free to send us a message. 


List of available items to choose from: 

- Liquid Gold Luck Potion
- Love Potion - pink
- Love Potion - Purple
- Bone regeneration serum potion
- Blood of a Unicorn Silver Swirling Potion
- Blood of a dragon with gold flakes potion
- Poly Potion - green - changes you into another person! or animal!


- Red
- Green
- Blue
- Yellow


- Red
- Green
- Blue
- Yellow
- Other (notes)


- turning time - gold, silver, big or small
- owl - silver or gold
- snake
- other (notes)


Wands (in substitute for box)
- character or
- choose team wand (exclusively available from our store!)


Please note - due to the custom and handmade nature of these kits, variation from the images will occur.


Please also note, we have a few box options available, such as the ones you see pictured, but if you are looking for something in particular, please send us a message.