Camoufalge thick cotton Face Mask washable reusable with nose wire

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For every mask you purchase, we donate one to a hospital or homeless shelter in need!

Time to walk around in public in style, with these handmade made-to-order reusable, washable fabric face masks. 

These are one single pleated layer of cotton. 

No pocket filter. Unisex sizing. Many people use a coffee filter with them or use them as a face mask cover for added protection. 

This mask features a camo style thick 100% cotton fabric. 

Each fabric mask comes with a fitted wire insert for comfort and tight fit at the nose. They are pleated for added comfort and full facial coverage. 

If you order 1 or 2 they will ship with an envelope and stamp, so although it is first class mail, there won’t be tracking. Please allow 3-10 business days for arrival as the post office has fewer employees and more shipments to handle.

These are handmade, so variation/differentiation from the imagery may occur. Please feel free to message with special requests.
Elastic color

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