Disability Embroidered Custom Face Mask Washable Reusable

Disability Embroidered Custom Face Mask Washable Reusable

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For every mask you purchase, we donate one to a hospital or homeless shelter in need! 

If you have any sort of ailment that you want people to know about easily, these handmade made-to-order reusable, washable custom cotton fabric face masks may be just right for you. Many of our customers have asked for their masks to say particular things, so if you have asthma for example and cough in public, you don’t have to explain yourself!

Some popular customizations include:

Hearing Impaired
Lip Reader

Each fabric mask comes with a fitted wire insert for comfort at the nose. They are pleated for added comfort and full facial coverage. 

We can embroider any statement or name of phrase you’d like! We can also embroider it in any color you would like! 

Single pleated layer of cotton fabric. No pocket for filter.

Unisex sizing.

Please message us with any questions you may have!

If you order 1 or 2, they will ship in an envelope with a stamp, so there will not be any tracking. 

Please choose express shipping if you have a deadline. The us postal service is overloaded with way more packages than usual and fewer employees, so things are taking much longer to arrive than usual! 

I do have black and white Elastic. If you prefer black, please let me know in the notes or I will use white default. 

These are handmade, so variation/differentiation from the imagery may occur.