Double Layer Drinking Face Mask with straw Hole

Double Layer Drinking Face Mask with straw Hole

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For every mask you purchase, we donate one to a hospital or homeless shelter in need!


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If you ever wondered how you were going to have a drink while you have a mask on, well here is your solution! This mask features a series of pleats and two layers that slightly overlap to stay "closed" while the hole is not in use. The hole is approximately 1" in diameter to accomodate the width of a straw. For a wider hole, please see the Instrument or Eating Masks!


- our masks are pleated for the most beautiful and comfortable design! It’s hard to find a mask that is pleated with double layers!


- this is a double layer  mask. Please see other listings for breathable single layer options.


- Each fabric mask comes with a fitted wire insert for comfort at the nose. They are pleated for added comfort and full facial coverage.


- please choose which color fabric you would like on each side!


- Unisex sizing.


- Please message us with any questions you may have!


- If you have a deadline, please choose express shipping. Usps is very behind these days with an influx of packages and fewer employees.


- These are handmade, so variation/differentiation from the imagery may occur.