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Rowena's Essence Potion

Rowena's Essence Potion

$9.00 Regular Price
$8.10Sale Price

This beautiful potion is contained in an elaborately embossed square sided bottle, with a cork and wax seal to keep everything safe inside regardless of how often you shake it to activate the contents within!! When you shake the potion, swirls of color changing elixir will mix before your eyes and enchant you, helping you relax and enjoy the moment.


The bottle measures approximately 4 inches tall by 2 inches wide. It is not designed to be opened. 

This lovely decorative potion includes a scroll that details what is inside the bottle and how to cast the resurrection spell, just as Rowena has had to do many times. 


Please note, due to the custom nature of this item, slight variation from the images may occur. 

We do have other bottle options and are happy to take special requests, just shoot us a message ahead of time with what you're thinking and we are happy to help you get a custom potion just for you!

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