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Season 1 Promo Sam Blade Death Klaww

Season 1 Promo Sam Blade Death Klaww

$150.00 Regular Price
$105.00Sale Price

We've been waiting for a moment like this for some time...we can finally offer a new blade to add to your "Impala Trunk." You may recall the main Season 1 promotional advertisement, showing Sam holding this amazing curved blade. You can also watch Sam pack this blade into his bag in the Pilot episode, Season 1, Episode 1. 


The knife may actually be a suan ywe gou; and some people have referred to it as the Death Klaw or Alien Claw Blade. We like to call it Sam's Season 1 Knife :) 


This awesome blade comes with a wooden stand for easy convenient display. 


These are NOT made of resin. Solid steel metal blade welded to an animal antler hilt. Please use care when handling this blade as it is sharp on both ends. We are not responsible for injury due to handling this replica. 


Because these are hand made, please expect slight variation from the images. 


 Message with questions please.

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