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Mini Hunting Kit

Mini Hunting Kit

$13.99 Regular Price
$12.59Sale Price

Perfect for every hunter who wants to hunt demons, ghosts, spirits, vampires and even angels! This 4 pack of hunting gear includes four bottles: 1 bottle full of real rock salt, 1 bottle full of dead man's blood, 1 bottle full of real holy water (including catholic cross charm), and your choice of either 
1 bottle full or holy oil for trapping angels
or goofer dust for casting witch spells.
(Upon Check out, please choose whether you prefer the real goofer dust or holy oil vial as your "4th vial"). 

This boxed set also includes a custom printed scroll explaining how each item can be used for your hunting needs. 

Bottles measure approximately 3.5 inches tall and are covered with a high quality no-leak lid. This is an adorable gift set or display item for yourself. Many fans will buy this Hunting Kit and have actors from the show sign each bottle as a souvenir. Perfect for convention goers!

Please also note, each item is completely unique and hand-crafted so it will look very similar to the pictures, but may display slight and infinitesimal differences in size, shape and material contents based on the handmade nature of these.

  • Return and Exchange Policy

    If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please let us know immediately! Items that are grossly misrepresented or damaged will be returned. If you have a sizing issue, we are happy to exchange the item, with return shipping at the customer's expense. Please read descriptions fully to assure you choose the right size and be sure to message us with any questions! 

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