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Viktor Wand Metal Core Collectible Box - Krum

Viktor Wand Metal Core Collectible Box - Krum

$27.99 Regular Price
$22.39Sale Price

This beautiful collectible wand is made of a high grade resin, but with the desirable metal core!! This collectible wand has the best weight to it, and is perfect for casting your spells, thanks to this high-end metal core construction.

This wand in particular is based off the character Viktor, the legendary quidditch player, and is primarily a light wooden brown. It features a carved bird head at the handle, featured a whittled look down the length of the handle and shift, ranging from thicker to thinner toward the tip.  The wood style colored wand is purposefully crooked along the handle, and then straightens out. It is approximately 14 inches long.

The lovely wand comes in a special collectible gift box, perfectly fitted to the wand, with a metallic blue exterior, and velvet interior. Display your wand with pride in this box!

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