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Win The Colt Replica

We're currently not running a colt giveaway at this time. Please feel free to enter and you will be included in the next giveaway.

You're also eligible if you tag #HuntersDen or @SupernaturalMN on:

Disclaimer: The Colt Drawing will take place on Halloween Tuesday, October 31st, 2017. The winner will be announced via facebook, twitter and instagram. The winner will be notified via e-mail. The Colt replica will be mailed to the winner. Should the winner fail to respond to notification of winning, Hunter's Den will wait 6 weeks, continuing to notify the winner. If in this time the winner does not respond, the next winning number will be chosen. If for some reason the original winner does come forward, we will make reasonable effort to also provide a prize for the original winner. Upon entering the drawing, an email will be sent to the winner with their responses, confirming the submission of their entry. Multiple submissions are permitted if multiple photos are posted tagging Hunter's Den. Multiple entries may be made if multiple purchases are made. Deadline to enter is midnight central time October 30, 2017. Contest ends at that time and no further submissions will be taken. Colt comes mounted in a shadow box with five numbered bullet casings to represent the bullets Sam and Dean obtained when they first got the Colt. The colt is solid metal and the chamber can be spun, the gun cocked and trigger pulled. It is not however, a real working gun. No age requirements for contest.  

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