Charm Box Health and Luck Authentic Wicca Wiccan witch Rowena Winchester Hunting

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This health and luck charm box measures approximately 3x2x2 inches and is adorned with faux leather. Inside, you’ll find an assortment of ingredients, perfect for casting a health and luck charm on yourself or anyone else! 

Every box includes the ingredients needed to utilize the spell, as well as a guide and instructions as to how to cast it. Many years of research have gone into my practice, so typically positive results can be expected, though of course when working with the supernatural, nothing can be guaranteed! 

Please also note, each item is completely unique and hand-crafted so it will look very similar to the pictures, but may display slight and infinitesimal differences in size, shape and material contents based on the handmade nature of these.

Let us know if you have any custom requests!

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