Demon Blade Replica Devil Killing Knife with Holster Sheath Steel Antler Hilt El

$150.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price

After nearly five years of searching for the perfect Demon Blade, we can now offer it to you, and at a comparable price to the resin models! HOWEVER, this is NOT a resin knife! the blade is solid style with actual lasered etchings, and a genuine antler hilt. 

The blade measures approximately 16 inches from hilt to tip. 

This blade also comes with the faux leather brown sheath that you can attach to your belt for a perfect cosplay! Message with questions please.

These are NOT made of resin. Solid steel metal blade welded to an animal antler hilt. Please use care when handling this blade as it is sharp. We are not responsible for injury due to handling this replica. 

Please note, due to the fact that the handle is actual antler, there will be slight variations from what you see in the images. If you have a particularly large or small hand, please let us know in the notes and we can do our best to accommodate your size!

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