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Set of Weasley Twins Metal Core Wands

Set of Weasley Twins Metal Core Wands

$49.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price

This beautiful collectible wand is made of a high grade resin, but with the desirable metal core!! This collectible wand has the best weight to it, and is perfect for casting your spells, thanks to this high-end metal core construction.


The best part about these wands, is when combined with each others', the two wands become a secret set that is like a quidditch broom!! Get the set for a discounted price here!

One of the wands  is based off the character Fred Weasley, and is primarily brown exending approximately 16 inches long with a smooth wood like finish from the tip down to the handle, where it starts to get more bumpy and then blossoms into a broom style pine cone handle.

The other wand is based off the character George Weasley, and is primarily brown with maroon style "threading" around the handle, , red and black colored "chording" combining the handle with the length of the wand. The wood style colored wand is purposefully crooked along the handle, and then straightens out. It is approximately 15 inches long.

These wands each come in a special collectible gift box, perfectly fitted to the wand, with a metallic blue exterior, and velvet interior. Display your wand with pride in this box!

We have seen many types of wands in our many years of selling at conventions and online, and these particular metal core wands are of the highest caliber we have seen! The quality and detail is quite impressive.

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